Study from home

SAMTRAC, the world's leading course in occupational risk management in the workplace is offered online, through our e-learning platform. This allows students to complete their SAMTRAC training in their own time without needing to attend the class.

SAMTRAC International is an internationally recognised HSE e-learning training course. The course allows organisations to set one standard of training across their operations as it incorporates the students local legislation and it is currently available in multiple languages, namely English, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Management is thus assured that their employees across their operations are equipped with the fundamental knowledge critical to HSE management. 

Where are our students

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Bespoke and Custom E-learning

Our bespoke e-learning courses are custom designed specifically for your needs, and tailored to your context and your workforce. This way, employees have the opportunity to actively practice what they are learning, while they are learning it.

Our team of subject matter experts work with you to identify what your employees need to learn. We then take that knowledge and develop learning outcomes and objectives ensuring they match the content. This can be revised and rewritten to better shape it for different environments. Content is mapped and structured with supporting activities to accentuate the learning according to the student path or journey. Our designers analyse your working environment and create multi-media components to facilitate the learning. We also develop assessments to further engage the learner and create interactivity, thus increasing information retention.

Our e-learning development process is based on a practical approach to ensure the learning is engaging, leads to genuine knowledge transfer and improves performance in the workplace.

Popular topics include:

  • Country and industry specific legal regulations
  • Basic onboarding and induction programs
  • Process and technical training
  • Product knowledge