Our Channel Partners




RyderMarshSharman Limited is widely considered the leader in Europe for the provision of Behavioural Based Safety and related services due its extremely flexible approach to the design and implementation of its programmes.

Historically RyderMarshSharman have been at the forefront of the development of Behavioural Based Safety in Europe, since the early research in the UK at UMIST in the 1990s through the 2000s to the present day.

Historically, RyderMarshSharman have prepared the Behavioural Safety standards for the Offshore Oil and Gas (North Sea) industry. In other work RyderMarshSharman have developed a particular niche in reviewing and building on existing “classic” safety systems and have also advised previous clients of all major European Behavioural Safety providers. Over three decades RyderMarshSharman have seen the market requirements mature and evolve to the point where Behavioural Safety is now seen as one element of a wider organisational development approach we call Cultural Safety™.





Kalleo’s passion is people and technology. All Kalleo’s business units are driven by one shared goal, namely, to provide innovative people solutions using technology and their expertise in people development and performance. Derived from the Latin verb calleo, Kalleo means “to learn by doing”, Kalleo ensures that it remains at the forefront not only of learning and development, but also of technological innovation and implementation. Kalleo challenge and shape global best practices through regular invites to deliver papers and speak publicly. Kalleo plays a role in the continuous professional development of people practitioners, both locally and internationally.



Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium of Canada


Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is a unique non-profit organisation dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and become more competitive, at home and around the world. EMC has grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium, and with over one thousand industry events held annually, it is one of the most active manufacturing organisations in Canada. For more than a quarter of a century, EMC has been responsible for contributing significant knowledge, expertise and resources towards the success of over 5,000 consortium and online member manufacturers, representing every province across Canada.  EMC's total manufacturing audience includes 40,000+ employers and 600,000 manufacturing employees.



HSEQ Camero Consulting


HSEQ Camero Consulting is a company that was founded over seven years ago with the aim of providing personalised support in Security, Safety, Health, Environment and Quality to the following industries: Oil, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Chemical, Construction, Steel, Consumer Goods, Communications and Transport. HSEQ Camero Consulting provides services in Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico.





BizCare provides corporate level consulting services for growing firms and businesses enabling them to improve their performance and meet the desired goals through a sustainable approach. It analyses organisational strengths and weaknesses, helps draw the strategy of action for better productivity and evaluates performance. Bridging gaps for sustainability is BizCare’s founding belief. Its continuous aim is to explore opportunities and identify the strategic growth potential for its clients. BizCare believes in comprehensive solutions towards sustainable business management.



Baseline Training


Baseline Training and Consulting is part of the Corporate Protection Australia Group providing quality workplace health and safety education and training throughout Australia. Baseline is a registered training organisation (RTO). Under the umbrella of the VET Quality Framework, Baseline ensures that all courses are in full compliance with all national and state legislative requirements and in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. With a proven track record of helping customers to reduce risk in their workplace, Baseline excels in providing knowledge and the necessary skills to employees so that they can work safely or respond to incidents/emergency situations that may occur. Being a market leader, Baseline has a large and diverse client base across many industry sectors including oil and gas, energy, petrochemical, drilling, mining, construction, manufacturing, government and local councils.



Associate Safety

Associate Safety Limited is a consultancy service that helps clients understand and successfully manage workplace health and safety risk.  In collaboration with its clients,Associate Safety delivers practical solutions at a strategic, tactical and operational level.


Consultoría ECOS


Consultoría ECOS was created in Costa Rica in 2009. They offer services to more than 100 companies from various economic sectors, both national and transnational. Theirservices include environmental management, prevention of occupational hazards through services tailored to the needs and corporate values of their clients, outsourcing, occupational hygiene and training.





ACADEMIA ZONAVERDE is a registered trademark of ZONAVERDE, a competence center specialized in the management and development of organizations (people and processes). Designed to provide training solutions for the private market, the portal www.academiazonaverde.pt aims to disseminate and provide professional training courses developed by various training entities, in accordance with the requirements, rules and legal requirements in force. Our training courses are developed in 3 modalities: face-to-face (classroom training), b-Learning (face-to-face and distance learning through an online platform) and e-Learning. We have a team of top professionals with ample experience in imparting knowledge, who enjoy working at ZONAVERDE. That’s why we have been awarded as one of the "Best Companies to Work for in Portugal" for more than 5 consecutive years. We design customised solutions to support our clients’ challenges. We believe that sustainability is built with a long-term vision, based on ethical values and principles, present in every task we carry out. We have been offering customers our multiple skills and experience for more than 20 years. We are always aware of market´s new challenges, which leads us to innovate constantly.