Channel Partners

Become a Partner and Bring Value to Your Organisation

Channel Partners

SAMTRAC International is continuously expanding its Channel Partner network to better service its clients. We ensure that our partners share the same passion, drive, professionalism and values that we pride ourselves on.

We have developed successful relationships with our current resellers from around the world who have not only helped to increase their product offerings but have also added value to their organisations as a whole. 

Why become a Channel Partner?

Becoming a Channel Partner is about growing together, sharing knowledge and growth and ultimately achieving spectacular results, which cannot be achieved without team work. Below are a few reasons why becoming a Channel Partner can benefit your organisation:

  • Increase revenue stream
  • Increase product offering
  • Focus on the high value-add of the product and not the low value-add of admin work
  • Become an innovative provider that introduces new products to your current client base
  • We will actively promote your business and service offerings


Do you have what it takes to be a successful Channel Partner?

  • Strong client base
  • Well positioned in your market
  • Good understanding of your local market
  • Strong brand
  • Financially stable
  • Professional conduct